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NEW Escort iXc Radar Detector

Our Story



CORVETTE 411 is a user content driven website with link and photo submissions, website reviews and commentary.

CORVETTE 411 started with a search for Corvette related websites – what should have been a quick and informative internet search, eventually lasted for hours with no end in sight. So, an idea was formed – create a dynamic and user-friendly directory of website links for Corvette enthusiasts to search on one website. Since that short time, we’ve been on one epic ride.

We recognize that personal preference and sole interest guides website choices – but choices abound.

CORVETTE 411 recognizes the value of bringing audiences together with trusted content that is relevant and timely. Which is why CORVETTE 411 provides a transparent easy to use platform that allows users to reference websites, news and information quickly and efficiently – in addition to contributing content and comments.

Having no financial ties or commitments to manufacturers and/or industry vendors, CORVETTE 411 enjoys the freedom of operation without bias or influence.

We believe that people connect with brands that stand for something.

Having been in the Corvette community for greater than 20 years, and having seen how collectively we are far greater than the sum of all parts. Together; we speak, we listen, and we understand. This allows our individual passions to plurally collide, actively reform and propel our sport and/or hobby of cycling to powerful collaborations and sustainable growth. This makes a difference to us at CORVETTE 411.

We owe our visitors and users a great applause for joining us on this ride, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the ride.