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Corvette Police Car | Broward County Sheriff’s C5 Corvette

Corvette C5, Corvette Police Car April 9, 2018

Broward County Sheriff C5

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Corvette Wheels | Corvette Broken Wheel

Corvette C5 February 25, 2018

Corvette Broken Wheel

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Turbo Corvette | Corvette C5 with Turbo

Corvette C5, Modified Corvette February 2, 2018

Corvette C5 Turbo

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Corvette Racing | Corvette C5 Racing Badges

Corvette C5, Corvette Racing January 19, 2018

Corvette Racing Badges

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Corvette Christmas | Merry Christmas

Corvette C5 December 24, 2017

Corvette Christmas

Tis the season

Photo courtesy of Corvette Bloggger

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Random Corvette Facts

In 1969 Goodyear tires replaced the Firestones on the Corvette Manta Ray Concept.