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Corvette Auto Care | Protecting Your Corvette’s Interior

Corvette C1, Corvette C2, Corvette C3, Corvette C4, Corvette C5, Corvette C6, Corvette C7, Corvette Show Car, D.I.Y. Corvette Detail and Wash February 25, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Chevrolet.com

If you drive your Corvette daily, its more than reasonable that it will not always be in show car condition due to weather residuals such as rain and dust, as well as your typical everyday road grime. However, the cleanliness of the interior is a different story – often the interior is a reflection of how the owner feels about their Corvette – or any other car for that matter.

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Promotional Corvette | Wonder Woman C7 Corvette

Corvette C7, Corvette Show Car December 3, 2017

Wonder Woman C7

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Random Corvette Facts

The rarest of the 1996 Corvette Grand Sports are the convertible models with a red/black interior as only 53 cars were configured with these options.